Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

We highly value feedback from our students, teachers, parents, and peers in the community.  Please keep the dialogue open with us, so we can always meet our goals and be the best facility we can.  Enjoy some of the reviews we have received below:

I am Charlotte working mom and I have discovered what I believe to be one of the best day cares, if not the best, that I have ever seen. My children started there this week and I have been very happy so far. The ratios are lower than most and the facilities are unbelievable. They serve healthy catered meals prepared by a chef (in Dilworth) and the teachers were carefully chosen and well qualified. They have top-notch security and secure internet monitoring so that you can see your children during the day via internet. The center just opened and there are just a few kids there now so there is lots of room. I want to see this center fill up so that my children will have others to enjoy their day with. I do not normally post something like this but I have been very impressed and really want to see this place flourish. I signed my kids up before they even opened and I can honestly say that they have lived up to everything promised so far. – Tereasa L. Osborne

Amazing staff! They meet the special needs of my child fairly, as difficult as it is to endure the extra work. They communicate regularly and willing, they respond to each child’s needs. Thank you shining stars staff, for all that you do! It takes very special people to do it every day.

We use CCR and Gloria was ever so helpful when my fiance deployed over seas. She offered to use our first week’s payment and keep my son so that I could attend interviews, without losing his spot for weeks. What these people do is VERY hard work every day. I pray they do not ever put up with horrible behavior, after first trying to solve issues. It is lack of discipline both at home and schools now, that make jobs far more difficult for the staff. If I were employed here, I’d thank management for not making me and other children put up with it.

Thank you, for all you do here. It has meant a lot to our family after I’ve spent the last two years being very ill. I needed this break and I’m delighted that my son has really progressed, in every way. I truly appreciate you ALL. – Elly Lonon