Rights and Responsibilities

Shining Stars Academy Inc. serves families. The faculty always tries to view children in the context of their families. Parents are the primary caregivers of their children, and the faculty’s job is to work with parents to ensure that children are well cared for. Shining Stars Academy Inc. expects parents to demand the best from the Center for their children.

It is a parent’s right to:

  • Know about all aspects of the program
  • Know all about their child’s experience in the program
  • Feel welcome visiting or observing
  • Feel free to ask questions of faculty (at times when faculty are able to respond without interrupting the program)
  • Feel assured that parent beliefs, concerns and values are sought and respected
  • Feel assured of complete confidentiality on all matters involving the welfare of all children and families

It is a parent’s responsibility to:

  • Read the parent’s handbook and follow all policies and procedures
  • Keep all important information current — addresses, phone numbers, medical exams, etc. — and respond to requests for information from faculty
  • Be available for immediate response in case of an emergency
  • You must provide enrollment information including current phone/address/class schedule and required medical paperwork before your child/ren begins at Shining Stars Academy.
  • Please remember to update contact information (phone/address/immunizations/etc.) when changes occur.
  • Check the Daily/Weekly Report Sheet and notes
  • Respect faculty as professionals who work with parents to provide quality childcare
  • We ask that you bring the following as needed:
  • Blanket/comfort item. (Please wash items weekly).
  • Labeled change of clothing (ex: shirt, pants, socks and underwear).
  • Diapers and wipes are not requested.
  • Medicines and required paperwork.
  • Additional items requested by classroom teachers.
  • Infant families provide additional items including food/bottles/formula.
  • Children should not bring toys, money (including coins), food (including cookies and cake), candy, drinks, or gum. Weapons (toy or real) are not allowed at school.
  • You are encouraged to provide pictures of family, friends and/or pets, which will be kept in the classrooms in case of an emergency.

Daily Communication

Shining Stars Academy Inc. believes it is important that all who care for a child have a sense of that child’s experience at home and in the Center. Staggered scheduling of faculty makes the daily/weekly report sheet (DRS/WRS) (which provides written information about a child’s day at the Center and at home) a critical communication link. In addition, informal communication between parents and faculty is encouraged.

Family Celebrations/Special Events

It is our goal to support families in celebrating their children’s birthdays or special events. We need to be sensitive to all children involved in our program when doing this. Please adhere to these guidelines when planning a celebration for your child.

Coordinate the date and time with the teacher. If you are planning special events, please let the teachers know the specific details.

Be sensitive to the fact that not all children celebrate holidays and birthdays; therefore we will need to make appropriate accommodations for individual children as needed.

When bringing food for an event, we ask that you do not bring homemade goodies for the children or staff. Food must be made in a licensed, commercial kitchen, not homemade, per North Carolina Sanitation Standards.

North Carolina State Licensing requirements state “latex and rubber balloons shall not be accessible to children under five years of age.”

Because of the sensitive nature of the fire control system in the building we cannot light candles on birthday cakes.

This is a special occasion for your child and their friends. It is essential that our visitor policy be enforced at all times.

Parent Feedback

Parents of children who attend the Center have regular opportunities to discuss their experience and offer suggestions to the Center Director.

In addition, parents are asked to complete a feedback sheet about their experiences with the Center during any month in which their child attended.