The safety and security of the children are of paramount importance. Shining Stars Academy Center has taken many steps to ensure the children are as safe as when they are at home. The following are some of the steps being taken to ensure the security and safety of the children:

  • Background and fingerprint checks on all staff
  • Electronic security system for entry
  • Exits to the outside from all rooms used by children
  • Plans include video recorded classroom and playground activity
  • Playground separated into three age-appropriate play areas
  • Best quality age-appropriate play equipment
  • Staff trained in first-aid and CPR

Staff Screening

We conduct State and Federal background and fingerprint checks as well as randomly drug test on all staff members. All teachers are required to complete a standard Children’s First Aid and CAPER. course and keep currently certified. There are also on-site training opportunities. In addition all teachers are required to take ten to twenty clock hours of continuous education (related to early childhood) each year which is required by North Carolina Division of Child Development.


It is essential that we control who is in the building at any one time. We must not expose the children to strangers or unauthorized individuals; therefore guest and visitors must be strictly monitored. All guests and visitors must sign in at the Directors office. Guests will not visit classrooms unless accompanied by a parent. No guest or visitor is to wander around the facility unescorted. If there is a situation that will cause a visitor to remain in the facility for a period of time, please make arrangements with your Director as to a suitable place for them to wait. All visitors and guest must sign out on the lobby.

There may be times when an individual is banned through a court order from entering the building. The Center Director must review all court documents of this type. The appropriate employees will be notified of who the individual is and in most circumstances will be provided a picture for visual identification. If one of these individuals attempts to enter the premises, they will be asked to leave based on the court documents. If they refuse to leave, security will be notified immediately and appropriate security measures will be taken.

Parking Lot Safety

Always close entry doors that give children access to parking

In parking lots, hold children’s hands to ensure their safety.

Transport children in car seats appropriate to their weight and
age as required by state law.

Do not leave children unattended in cars.

Keep doors locked to protect valuables.

Park only in designated spaces – fire lanes must be kept open.

Twenty-minute parking is for drop-off and pick-up.

Hand washing Procedure

One of the most effective lines of defense against infection control is hand washing. Faculty members practice very stringent and specific hand washing procedures. Children are encouraged to wash their hands whenever they have come into contact with possibly contaminated items. For instance hands will be washed before and after meals, before and after bathroom use or diapering changing, after nose blowing or wiping, before & after handling pets, and after handling an ill child. In order to begin the day in a sanitary manner all children and faculty are required to wash hands upon entering the classroom. This prevents the potential spread of germs into the classroom area and contributes to the health of the children who attend.


Shining Stars Academy Child Development Center does transport children to and from local school system unless is within 3 miles from our facility. Occasionally we will take official field trips approved by parents. Each family will be notified about the trip, the price (if any), and each child will be required to have a signed permission slip. The following are safety procedures:

Children will be picked up and dropped off in a designated area.

Children waiting for the vehicle must remain in the designated
area until we arrive at the location.

Any child riding SSA vehicle will be seated in a seat and restrained
by a seat belt or other seat restraint system as required by law
based on the child’s age and weight.

Children are expected to act in an orderly manner.

Continue disruptive behavior by any child on the vehicle may
result in termination of transportation and/or child development

Parent must notify no later than 1:00 pm if their child (ren) will
not be riding the bus on a regularity scheduled day. Failure to do
so will result in delays as we attempt to locate your child at
his/her school and will result in a $20 fee.